Crime in DC

There was a dramatic rise in violent crime in Washington DC, where I live, over the past few years. I built this dashboard which keeps track of the number of shootings and robberies reported by the DC Police Deparment via Twitter.

Send Me a Article on the Blockchain

Through this Solidity / React app, you can send me an article you think I should read and it will be stored as a transcation on the Ethereum block chain. When you send me an article, you may also be randomly chosen to recieve a small prize in ETH.

Strava Activity Analysis

I use the app Strava to track my runs and bike rides. A while back I published a peice on how to access and analyze activity data for other Strava users. A lot of people reached out and asked if I could do this for them, so I built a web app that allows users to authenticate into the Strava and recieve a report containing stats and trends for their top activites. You can check out the live app by clicking above, or see a demo here.

Questions for Couples

A simple game that gives couples three levels of questions to ask each other: chill, deep, and deeper. Couples, and even friends, can use it to get to know each other or just fill some time.

Shopify for Job Boards

I noticed that a trend of a lot influences and niche leaders hosting job boards. Most were designing and building their own from scratch. I build an MVP for a web app that would abstract this process and serve as a Shopify for job boards. Pallet has since come along and built a really cool business around a more sophisticated execution of this idea.


Tutible was a platform designed to match college students with peer tutors who has taken their class. I designed and built this with the no-code platform Bubble before learning to program web apps.

Support Your Shops

A directory of small businesses in my home town. I built this with Bubble at the beginning of the pandemic with the intention of helping stores share info about their operations, hours, or deliveries.

Smart Lock

A bluetooth enabled smart lock that I built with an Arduino.